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First Sniff

First Sniff

We’ll leave it to professionals to explain our latest Buzzfeed inducing pet project…
The Independent: “After the viral video First Kiss was exposed as a marketing ploy for a clothing company, another film crew has taken the idea of capturing the potential rush of getting physical with a complete stranger and applied it to a scenario where the emotions are so intense that they are impossible to fake – dogs sniffing each other.
For a day-or-so at least, over 30 million viewers were fooled into believing that the nervous laughter and over-enthusiastic kissing between suspiciously conventionally attractive and charismatic ‘total strangers’ in short film First Kiss were real.
Three days after Tatia Pilieva’s short was released on Youtube, the minute-and-a-half long video by London-based agency Mother London and production company Bosh shows honest tender moments between a group of dogs - complete with the awkward pre-kiss apprehensions that endeared viewers of the original video.’
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