Mother are proud founder partners of the Tech City Map. An initiative that looks to measure and encourage the collaboration between companies and individuals in East London’s Tech cluster.

To use the map click here. to launch at Downstairs at Mother – Get your tickets! to launch at Downstairs at Mother – Get your tickets!

As part of Intenet Week, on 16 November, Downstairs at Mother are hosting the launch party for, a new social platform focussed on empowering individuals to create charitable identities.

Just like Linkedin helps you with your professional identity, helps you create, capture and present the most comprehensive overview of your charitable self that exists. Beyond cataloguing deeds and connecting individuals to over 160,000 UK charities, has, for the first time, created the Apps library for Good, which allows individuals to find and use apps, like fundraising, to do amazing things for the charities and people they care about. 

So, if you want to find out more, come along to the launch and RSVP by clicking on this link: