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Race for Life - Cancer, We’re Coming To Get You

Race for Life - Cancer, We’re Coming To Get You

We’ve just launched our first work for Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life since winning the business in August 2012.  
It transforms the hugely successful event series from a gathering of women in pink into an army who run, dance and sing all up in cancer’s stupid stupid face with the new line of ‘Cancer We’re Coming To Get You’.

The campaign includes a 60 second TV ad directed by Siri Bunford where women show defiance to cancer. The theme is one big UP YOURS to cancer.

Press and posters of women telling cancer what they think cancer with lines like “Oi! Cancer! You. Me. Outside. Now” and “Cancer can kiss my butt”.
Radio ads introduce a new initiative that will take place at every Race for Life. The women taking part will do their usual minute’s silence, but then follow this by a minute’s ROAR. There’s also a radio ad where a women reads out a letter to cancer.

Stickers of insults to cancer including “Cancer Is The C Word” are being given out across the country.

Everything in the campaign now says: “Cancer, we’re coming to get you.” And is designed to have cancer quaking in its rubbish boots.