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Project Bush

Project Bush

On Thursday 3rd October,  Mother London is launching Project Bush, a call to action for women to stand up to the pressures of modern society and present their bushes in all their glory. Whether waxed or never tended, young, old, black, brown or white, we want to display London’s lady gardens in all their variety, and demonstrate the choice that many young women –particularly – may not realise they have when it comes to waxing.

Over the last month, Mother has been working with a number of feminist groups to launch a campaign to address the question of modern feminism - how does it manifest today, what are the challenges it faces, what does it mean to be a feminist?

For many women, it’s about choice. Waxing culture has become so mainstream that some young women don’t see it as a choice. So Project Bush is about questioning the status quo, as a means to discuss the state of feminism in 2013.

The bushes will feature in a major public exhibition at Mother London, and all participants will be invited with their friends to a swanky Private View and debate event.

We are inviting women to come and have their bushes anonymously photographed by top photographer Alisa Connan. 

15 Minute slots can be booked all day and in the evening of the 3rd by emailing 

Mother London, 10 Redchurch Street, E1 7DD