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IKEA - Playin' with my friends

IKEA - Playin' with my friends

Tomorrow night sees the launch of a brand new campaign for IKEA, Entertaining, which also marks a new brand strategy for IKEA in the UK and Ireland.
The new strategy will demonstrate IKEA’s knowledge and understanding of the challenges people face every day in their homes and will provide practical ideas, solutions and inspiration, marking a shift from communications focused on rooms in the home to campaigns discussing activities and needs in the home.
The first work in the new brand campaign, ‘Entertaining’, explores the insight that adults and children all behave better when they’re sat around the same table together, rather than the children being sat at the end of the table. The ad is seen through the eyes of a young girl and the IKEA solutions enable the children to cook, dine and interact together with the adults.
Have a look at the new work on IKEA’s youtube channel here: